Case Study

ATTIC is a search and discovery tool focused on vintage, antique, restored and artisan goods. The servce was originally launched to serve Washington DC, Maryland (including Baltimore) and Virginia. It has since expanded to a total of 14 major U.S. cities, with more to come. ATTIC indexes more than 1,000 local stores, dealers and boutiques to allow users to quickly discover products in their city and surrounding region.

Audience & Topics

Individual Consumers, Collectors, Interior Decorators and Designers, Fashionistas

Furniture, Home Decor, Interior Design, Fashion and Clothing


May 2015

Press Coverage and Awards

Roles & Deliverables



Information Architect

Working prototype


User interface and user experience (UI/UX) design



Responsive web application with custom data harvesting, indexing and consumption services


Hourly and Daily Updates

ATTIC indexes the latest furniture postings from hundreds of local stores every hour, allowing avid shoppers and collectors to see the latest inventory in near real-time. All from a single source. Prior to ATTIC, a similar outcome required checking hundreds of websites, Instagram feeds, Etsy stores and Flickr accounts.

Cloud + API = Performance

ATTIC utilizes a variety of technologies to offer an incredibly fast user experience for mobile and desktop environments alike. Smart caching, several CDN services, and additional cloud-based services, packaged and seamlessly coordinated make it all possible.

Mobile First

ATTIC's inventory — new listings for vintage and used furniture products that change as often as every hour — makes it the perfect candidate for a mobile application. On the bus, waiting in line, sipping coffee, those are all great opportunities to see what's new. ATTIC delivers with a fully responsive, mobile-optimized web application.