Case Study

ATTIC is the largest online collection of vintage, antique, restored and artisan furniture in the Washington DC area. It provides a single source for the newest product listings from 30+ dealers, consignment stores, individual craftsman and decorators in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. It's part marketing-platform and part an innovative new concept in promoting local retail businesses.


Independent, Local Businesses and DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) Community

Audience & Topics

Individual Consumers, Collectors, Interior Decorators and Designers

Furniture, Home Decor, Interior Design


May 2015

Press Coverage and Awards

Roles & Deliverables



Information Architect

Working prototype


User interface and user experience (UI/UX) design


Responsive web application with custom data harvesting, scraping and consumption services


Hourly and Daily Updates

ATTIC harvests the latest furniture postings from 30+ local stores every hour, allowing avid shoppers and collectors to see the latest inventory in near real-time. All from a single source. Prior to ATTIC, a similar outcome required checking 30 websites, Instagram feeds, Etsy stores and Flickr accounts.

Cloud + API = Performance

ATTIC utilizes a variety of technologies to offer an incredibly fast user experience for mobile and desktop environments alike. Smart caching, several CDN services, and additional cloud-based services, packaged and seamlessly coordinated make it all possible.

Mobile First

ATTIC's inventory — new listings for vintage and used furniture products that change as often as every hour — makes it the perfect candidate for a mobile application. On the bus, waiting in line, sipping coffee, those are all great opportunities to see what's new. ATTIC delivers with a fully responsive, mobile-optimized web application.