Case Study

The Broader Bolder Approach to Education (BBA) is a national campaign that proposes evidence-based policies to improve schools and remedy conditions that limit many children's readiness to learn. For this project, special attention was dedicated to a comprehensive content review and a complete information architecture overhaul. After establishing the new organizational framework, a redesigned and redeveloped website was launched.


Economic Policy Institute, Washington DC

Nonprofit Organization | Think Tank

Audience & Topics

Policy Advocates, Policymakers, Government and Education Administrators

Education | Public Policy | Poverty | School Reform | Educators


June 2011

Roles, Deliverables and Methods

Information Architect

Requirements Gathering, Content Review, Conceptual Sketches, Wireframe Templates, Sitemap

Interface Designer (UI/UX)

New Branding (Logo and Color Palettes), Design Comps

Lead Developer

Production Website with Content Management System


Functional Enhancements and Major Content Additions (as needed)

From Concept to Launch contains a lot of information — a LOT of information. It's not a brochure website with just a few bullet points and some fun photography. Instead, it provides users with a wide array of sophisticated content including:

  • reports
  • community profiles
  • policy statements
  • research bibliographies
  • powerpoint presentations
  • webinar recordings
  • videos

Figuring out how to display all of this content in a fashion that is organized, user-friendly, invites consumption, and visually appealing was the focus of the information architecture process.

Like many projects, the pencil is the first tool. Sketching is a fast and cost effective way to turn ideas into a visual product. Conceptual drawings also serve as a great launch pad for more intricate wireframe deliverables. In the end, 3-4 initial concept drawings turned into a set of wireframes (shown above). Those wireframes ultimately led to the creation of 10 unique, content-tailored and purpose-driven page templates.


Advocacy via Social Media introduced a novel technique for using social media to help spread concepts related to its policy agenda: the BBA Principles. The Principles are a set of short, easily digestible statements — internally labeled "bumper stickers" — designed for social media sharing. They were developed to help introduce BBA's policy agenda to a wider, non-expert audience and also serve as an entrée into BBA's lengthier, more involved policy products.

Campaign Building

The redeveloped site automated, personalized, and increased the efficiency of the Bold Approach signatory campaign. New signatories receive personalized emails and content managers can easily approve new registrants for instant inclusion on the website's signatory list. Content managers can also easily revise submitted information or export reports directly to MS Excel.

It's Quick

The site's code is optimized — minified, combined and compressed — to provide fast page loads. The end result is a fast loading site that earns an "A" grade and 98 out of 100 on Yahoo's YSlow performance analyzer.

BBA Logo


BBA needed a new logo to anchor the rebranded website, but it didn't want to completely abandon all of the elements of its original logo. The new logo uses stars from the original logo and a Cabin Sketch typeface to mimic other stylistic elements of the original.

Carousel buttons


The site's homepage features a custom-designed, rotating carousel. Rather than using the carousel to highlight new content for returning visitors, targets this feature at those less familiar with BBA's work. Specifically, the carousel introduces BBA's three core policy areas and guides users to additional content on each topic.

Content Management

The website is powered by the CMSense content management system, a lightweight and highly flexible CMS. This allows for 95% or more of the site's content, including automated emails and signatory information, to be maintained without developer assistance. As necessary, larger-scale modifications (e.g., new templates) can be added in short order.