Case Study

DebateTheDebt is an online campaign aimed at getting the 2012 presidential candidates to dedicate one the debates to the federal debt, budget, and deficit. This was a rapid turn around project that involved delivering a production-ready website, fully designed and developed, in a matter of hours. The site served as the campaign's home for a four month period where it helped publicize the petition and elicit the support of thousands.


Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Washington DC

Nonprofit Organization | Think Tank

Audience & Topics

General Audience, Voters, Journalists and the Media

Government | Public Policy | Reform | Politics


April 2012

Roles, Deliverables and Methods

Interface Designer (UI/UX)

Production Design

Lead Developer

Production Website with Content Management and Registration System


Functional Enhancements


Rapid Design and Development

The client called at 7PM with the request--a popular media outlet was going to run an unexpected story on the campaign the following morning. Without the website, a great opportunity would be lost. But only five hours later, the site was up and running, ready to collect signatures and serve as the campaign's home.

Campaign Building

Along with a parallel initiative that ran on, the website helped bring in 15,000 signatures. Signatories were added to the site's signatory list and received personalized emails encouraging them to spread the word. The site's content managers could easily approve signatories, revise submitted information, and export reports directly to Excel.

Responsive = Mobile-Friendly

The site's layout is responsive. The layout and content adapts automatically to a variety of screen sizes including narrow mobile devices.