Case Study
DS Fallen

"DS Fallen" is a memorial commissioned by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) that honors individuals who lost their lives in service to the agency. It is located at the agency's headquarters in Rosslyn Virginia just outside of Washington DC. The Memorial consists of a physical structure adorned with engraved plaques as well as an interactive, touchscreen kiosk that allows visitors to search and read biographies of the individuals and learn more about DS through an interactive timeline and other content.


U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Government Agency (as a subcontractor)

Audience & Topics

Federal Employees, Visitors and Guests

Government, Security, Public Education and Outreach


August 2015

Screenshot of the Touch Based DS Fallen Interactive Kiosk Memorial for Federal Government Agency Contract

Roles & Deliverables

User Interface (UI) Designer

Touchscreen user interface including initial prototype and final production version


Interactive HTML5 + JavaScript desktop application

Hardware Setup

Setup and configuration of Windows 8.1 desktop all-in-one touch application including security and other customizations

Interactive Website Timeline Designed and Developed for Federal Agency's Touchscreen Kiosk


Internet Free, Web Driven

For security reasons, the Memorial's kiosk system is blocked from accessing the Internet. The entire kiosk application runs locally without the Internet or any form of web access, although it relies on state-of-the-art web technologies for its features and functionality.

Tamper Proof

The kiosk uses a variety of software solutions and techniques to ensure that users can't exit the application or access other parts of the Windows-based machine.

Advanced, Searchable Database

One of the core offerings of the kiosk is the searchable database. Users can search by an individual's name, country of death, position, or year of death to bring up biographies and photographs.

Customized Touchscreen Timeline

The kiosk includes an interactive timeline that allows users to learn about the history of DS with a collection of images and commentary. The application combined an open-source timeline solution and heavy customizations to produce a unique content feature that is seamless with the rest of the kiosk software.

US State Department DS Fallen Memorial with Touchscren Kiosk at Headquarters in Rosslyn VA outside of Washington DC