Case Study
Fiscal FactCheck

The Fiscal FactCheck website helps voters and policy wonks assess the accuracy of the statistics that those vying for the White House use to make their case. It takes the fiscal statements — those that touch upon the national debt/deficit, taxes, spending and budgets -- and puts them through an analytical wringer so that you can decipher fact from... The site was built using the latest WordPress technologies, along with a unique Drupal integration, on a quick turnaround basis with less than one week from concept to launch.


Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Think Tank, Policy Organization, Nonprofit

Audience & Topics

The Public, Voters and Policy Analysts

Government, Public Policy, Politics, Presidential Campaigns


November 2015

Screenshot of Fiscal FactCheck WordPress website for Washington DC think tank

Roles & Deliverables

Information Architect

Rapid prototype HTML wireframe

User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) Designer

Page layouts


WordPress CMS based website with custom Drupal blog integration


WordPress of the Future

Built using the latest WordPress technologies including Roots Sage and Bedrock to make the site's Twitter Bootstrap framework and Git-based deployment workflow as smooth as silk.

Drupal + WordPress Integration

The client's existing blog was based in Drupal. In order to take advantage of that work, we used the WordPress REST API and some NodeJS magic to automagically publish the same posts on the new website.