Case Study

QROWD is a modern event planning and management solution designed to make the job of running meetings, conferences and conventions simple and enjoyable. It does so without sacrificing the power necessary to host large, multi-track and complex events because it was built from the ground up and has hundreds of features designed specifically to serve planners, producers, attendees and exhibitors. The name QROWD is a nod to the innovative use of QR codes employed by the software to facilitate event check-ins, session attendance and other interactive features.


Associations and other Nonprofit Organizations, Event Management Companies and Service Providers


January 2015

Roles & Deliverables

Product Designer

Information architecture and User experience (UX)

User Interface (UI) Designer

User interface for desktop and mobile devices


Desktop web application, mobile web application


Advanced, Powerful and Smart

Complex pricing schemes, linked sessions, pre-registrations, integrated email marketing, session evaluations, continuing education and so much more.

Customized Badges

Super simple badge printing with customization for branding and other event-specific needs.

QR Code Technology

The QR Codes embedded in each attendee's badge opens up the true power of QROWD with a dizzying array of mobile features.