Case Study

VillaHippoCampo is a high-end vacation home located in southern France. The redesigned site includes a new information architecture and content organization, featuring video and photography of the property. Search engine optimization (SEO) and usability improvements were a core focus of the project. Working on this site was a diversion from my typical work. It offered an opportunity for creative brand exploration, particularly around the concepts luxury and modern living.


Private Real Estate Investor

Audience & Topics

Travelers, Real Estate Brokers

Travel | Lifestyle


January 2012

Website Redesign Samples for Luxury Vacation Property

Roles, Deliverables and Methods

Information Architect

Redesigned Navigation and Content Organization

User Interface Designer

Design Comps, Content and Logo Typography


Website with Content Management System


Super Charged

The VillaHippoCampo site needs to make an immediate "sell" of the product to visitors. That is, visitors have to be struck by the beauty of the rental property and the potential it offers them for the perfect vacation. To do this, the site uses professional photography on the homepage and elsewhere, but without greatly sacrficing the site's speed. The site gets an "A" grade on YSlow.

Quick, Easy Content Updates

The site's content is fully available in a content management system to allow non-technical users the ability to add and revise content such as new property reviews, itineraries, and photographs.