SHLOG Beastie Boys w/ L7
@ Phoenix Center Amphitheater

July 1, 1992: Pontiac, MI

I got my first compact disc in 1986 (yet my current car still has a tape deck!). My Dad was pretty into music (jazz), so he bought a Sony disc changer when it was still a fairly new technology. To build interest in the medium, Sony offered 3 free CDs with the purchase and my pops allowed me to select one of the discs. (I'm sure he later regretted that offer.) I picked License to Ill. I can't even remember why I chose it. Had I heard of them? Did I like the cover? Did I see something on MTV? I really don't know. I do know, however, that getting that CD kicked-off a 15+ year Beastie Boy loyal following that included at least three or four live shows.

I guess it only makes sense that my first live concert was a Beastie Boys show. I don't remember all that much at this point: it was summer and the weather was quite nice for an outdoor show; L7 nauseated me; I was way too small and skinny to brave the pit; and I almost certainly donned a pair of black california-style Pumas.

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