@ Black Cat

April 16, 2013: Washington, DC

The Black Cat's backroom has a capacity of about 100, I'm guessing. The Suuns show was probably at about 25% capacity, but they didn't seem to care. They were strictly business in an indie kind of way. They were confident, mildly self-entertained, and as best I could tell, able to execute exactly as they had hoped.

And the execution was interesting. Starting the set with The Music Won't Save You, the closer on their sophomore album, was a surprise. As a relatively light piece, it seem odd. But it started off what would be a well paced show that had just the right amount of continuity from song to song. Their songs shared a strong resemblance to their recorded work without seeming like note-for-note replications. Whether that's the result of out-of-studio limitations, I don't know--nor do I care. 

Remember the oysters.