SHLOG Walkmen
@ 9:30 Club

December 3, 2010: Washington, DC

Alright, this was my 3rd outing to see the Walkmen and my second at DC's 9:30 Club.  I hadn't planned on going, but a friend had a few extras.  It didn't take much arm twisting.  They were one of the first bands that got me into "indie" music.  They hold a place in my heart (and ear) for that reason alone, but you can also count on them for a solid performance every time.  This was no exception.

My only really big disappointment in this (and my last Walkmen show) is that they've haven't played "Wake Up" from their first album.  I'd love it if they'd play it together with the album's opener, They're Winning, too.  If I see them a 4th time, I'm going to bring a sign or something.  For what I've dropped on tickets for their shows, I think I deserve it! (Maybe not, but I'll try.)

Another, far more minor disappointment, is about the changing nature of the band's arrangements.  I love the sound of the toy/antique pianos that appeared on their and second albums--Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone and Bows & Arrows.  Those have all but disappeared from their most recent recordings, albeit recordings that have received critical acclaim (e.g., Lisbon).  And as their recordings have changed, so have their on-stage arrangements.  So anways, there are some sounds I miss but I can't blame them for changing, growing etc.  I do appreciate the addition of horns that have appeared though, especially in one of my all time favorites "I Lost You". Maybe they just need a bigger stage (and equipment truck) or something.