SHLOG Atoms for Peace
@ Patriot Center

September 30, 2013: Washington, DC

When you get to a show and the first thing you see after getting out of your car is a late model red pick up truck with a piano being played by a bearded man in the bed of the truck and atop that piano is a real live bull dog, then you're probably in for some fun.

Odd Men Out

The way Flea strut with his bass, it made me think of an ape on speed. It almost seemed beyond his control. There were times when the guy was marching back and forth on stage, nearly kneeing himself in the chin, left then right, and he wasn't even part of the song's arrangement yet. Whether he was just really into it or knows that that is one of his roles on this tour, I don't know.

And on the other end of the spectrum was Nigel Godrich. If there was an indeed a memo that went to the band telling them to channel their inner Flea, then he missed it. He's clearly not a rock and roll star. During the times when Flea marched up to him, he almost looked scared--(as if) he had come face to face with a dangerous animal. Just like his production work, wise beyond his years...

Then there's Thom. I don't have much to note here aside from confirming that he continues his steady progression toward the on-stage yogi look.

Oddities aside, it's the music that matters, right? And on that front, I feel fully redeemed. Radiohead's show last year at the Verizon Center was more than disappointing. I felt cheated. Atoms for Peace on the other hand worked and worked well. Hearing the Eraser imagined live was excellent and I dare say it took some balls (yes, even for someone like Thom Yorke who probably can't do wrong in the eyes of many) to play two albums worth of material that bear only partial resemblance to their recorded versions. The arrangements were interesting and in the end fun. That's all one should really ask for.

Once again, my gratitude goes to MSW for making it happen.

Thom Yorke AMOK: Atoms for Peace at the Patriot Center 2013