News ATTIC furniture and fashion launches in Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Seattle


ATTIC -- a hyperlocal image-focused search engine and discovery platform that we built around vintage furniture, home decor and fashion -- has launched for Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area (including San Jose and Oakland). The platform indexes new products in near real time from small, independent businesses (stores and dealers) in each of the new cities, providing customers one of the largest and most comprehensive local product listings for each market. ATTIC was originally launched for furniture stores and clothing boutiques in Washington DC and Baltimore, then subsequently expanded to include Boston and Philadelphia. is built on modern front-end, javascipt based technologies, providing a fast, mobile-friendly app-like experience. The custom crawlers that support the service index hundreds of stores every day, on a wide variety of web and e-commerce platforms. The service frees store owners from the burden of posting products in yet another location, thereby relieving their social media and marketing fatigue. And the end product provides consumers the widest and best selection of local sourced highly sought after home and fashion products.