News ATTIC New York City: Search and Discovery Engine for Local Furniture, Home Decor and Fashion Launched

2018-08-27 has just launched in it's latest regional market -- New York City! The new search engine and discovery tool features the products and goods of nearly 100 small, independent stores, dealers and boutiques in vintage and modern furniture, home decor and fashion. It's largest tool of its kind to focus on shopping small and shopping local for New York.

New York is the seventh expansion city for ATTIC. Earlier in 2018, ATTIC was first expanded to Philadelphia and Boston, and then subsequently to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. In total, ATTIC now provides consumers the ability to see recent products from more than 500 stores, dealers and boutiques, all indie and many brick and mortar operations. The goals of ATTIC are simple: make shopping from local, small retailers easier and a reasonable alternative to big-box shopping to create a more interesting shopping experience for consumers as well as to help diversify and sustain healthy retail in our major cities.

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