task Prototype for Mobile Crowd Sourcing Survey App


Developed the information architecture and an initial working prototype for a forthcoming Android-based crowdsourcing and survey app. The prototype, which works on nearly any 320 pixel width device (including the iPhone), uses HTML, CSS, and jQuery to simulate effects that could be included in the native Android app.

The app's user interface design (UI) and the user experience (UX) focuses on simplicity to target users that may have only limited experience with smart phones. The target audience includes both tech-saavy and tech-newbies in developing countries, including those from non-urban and very remote locations.  Prototype testing was completed on a basic smart phone (Virgin Mobile Chaser) running Android 2.3. The prototype is optimized for a screen width of 320px, but the UI is meant to present a scalable solution for a variety of devices (including larger smart phones and potentially tablets). 

Prior to developing the prototype, I worked with the client to identify the app's requirements and developed several initial sketches of potential screens and UI elements.