task Integrating Google Analytics Data Tracking API and Google Charts API into CMS Dashboard


I'm redesiging the dashboard of my CMS so that after login, the user is immediately presented with real-time stats and analytics from their website.  I'm also allowing the user to select a month from the previous year to see the same stats.  Provided statistics on the dashboard include number of visits, new visits, number of pageviews, pageviews per visit, bounce rate, and average time on site.  I'm also providing top ten lists for pages/content, keywords (search terms), and referrers (source domains).  Because I'm using Google's official API, the stats in the CMS match exactly with each website's Google Analytics account.

In addition, I'm using the Google Charts API to present a bar graph of pageviews by day.   I'll likely expand this in the future to include other useful charts and graphs. 

I did this all in PHP.  I used an existing PHP class from Google Code for the Analytics API.

Screenshot forthcoming.