task Developed/contributed a new function to the open source editor CKeditor


I wanted a way to insert small snippets of executable PHP code into instances of the open source WYSIWYG editor CKeditor.  The only solution I found on the web was a function that allowed you to insert one such snippet per page and field in your database.  I needed more than one snippet per page though, so I modified the script and posted a more robust, scalable version on the project's development forum.  My full post is available at http://bit.ly/arIi1o (dated 4/19 as post #19).

I will be using this function so that I can insert PHP includes and other PHP functions into WYSIWYG based content (e.g., to serve up Google AdSense ads).  The PHP code will be completely hidden to non-source code editors using CKeditor's native ProtectedSource configuration option.  I will be rolling out this feature to all installations of my custom CMS shortly.