task Optimizations for Fiscal FactCheck WordPress Website


The Fiscal FactCheck website, which we launched earlier this week, got off to a roaring start. The CRFB team behind the site's content, live blogged and tweeted information during last night's GOP presidential debate -- fact checking in real time key claims made about tax cuts, social security and other federal fiscal matters that various candidates made over the course of the event. This new service garnered the attention of nearly one thousand visitors on its first day of full operation and is expected to grow as the presidential campaigns move into 2016. CNN Money even cited the new website the morning after the debate.

In preparation for what we expect is going to be a very popular voter and media resource, we performed a variety of optimization tasks including enabling addition nginx mechanisms to support greater compression and faster content delivery. The site was originally launched with our optimization standards including minified and combined script and style files, WordPress image optimizations and a variety of other features.