task Launched: 120DaysMovie.com


The 120DaysMovie.com website is for a documentary film by Ted Roach. Originally designed and developed nearly two years ago, It was essentially put on ice while the film production was being completed. Even though web technologies and design aesthetics seem to change at the speed of light, I'm happy with how the site turned out . I think it still seems to hold its own. The design treatment is meant to be multi-sensory in that it include visuals (stills and movie clips) along with a custom audio "soundtrack" for the site. Each page is meant to be its own little window in the film and the lives of those in the film. Some features are still in development, such as additional background footage for several scenes from the movie. 

From a technical perspective, the site has a PHP-based content management system, uses several APIs to manage the multimedia components (e.g., Vimeo javascript API and SoundManager javascript API), and is 'fueled' by several other jQuery plugins (e.g., backstretch and colorbox). 

Website design and development for 120 Days Movie