task Launched: C2ES Carbon Footprint Calculator


New Carbon Footprint Calculator for the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). This PHP-based tool, designed to let users calculate the carbon emission impact of their life and behaviors, utilizes a bunch of AJAX, some neat jQuery elements, and several other technologies to create a clean, user-friendly and personal experience. It was designed for an optimal, responsive experience on smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of computers. The tool is built on top of data that is specific to individual users based on their geography and home, as well as their vehicle usage, public transportation usage, and flying habits. 

Other features of the user interface and experience include:

  • Personalized HTML emails, fully tested and compatible on more than 30 email clients
  • Personalized social media integrations
  • Custom spam suppression technology
  • Graphic data visualization

On the backend, it is a custom built, white-label product that C2ES can use with a variety of partners. It was developed in such a way that C2ES staff can easily create and theme a new "instance" of the calculator via the CMS. Each instance's data is available via separate management reports. In addition, an API allows authorized partners the ability to pull and re-use the stored data. 

A deeper description of the tool's features and the technology is forthcoming in a full case study.

C2ES Carbon Footprint Calculator, responsive website on tablet / ipad