task Launched! CRFB Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool


CRFB's Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool has been launched.  This quick turn around project was completed on a part time basis in about 3 weeks.  It relies upon jQuery to expand and contract the various rows and columns in the table.  The entire tool is dynamic and connected to a CMS, which allows editors to add and revise plans as needed. 

UPDATE: View the Case Study

From the Publisher:

"Over the past year and a half or so, there have been a countless number of budgets or fiscal plans released that would attempt to deal with our rising debt...It can be tough keeping track of all them, so that's why CRFB now gives you the chance to compare all of the plans with our Fiscal Plan Comparison Tool!"

From the Media and Web:

Fiscal Watchdog Corrals Numerous Budget Plans For Comparison

"To help make sense of the mushrooming number of proposals, the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget has a new interactive tool that allows users to compare the growing crop of deficit-reduction plans out there...It's worth checking out."

The Atlantic
The Best Tool For Comparing Budget Plans Out There

"The Deficit Comparison Tool from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is the most comprehensive and detailed way to compare the 30 D.C. deficit reduction plans (yes, we're up to 30 now), from the president's deficit commission to Rep. Mike Quigley's budget. It's an essential resource for people following the debate over how to raise taxes, cut spending, and slow the growth of entitlements to bring down our long term debt."

The Financial Times
Comparing budget plans

"The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has created a useful tool for comparing the various budget-reform plans."

US News & World Report
6 Likely Social Security Changes

"...a useful online tool to compare nearly three dozen deficit reduction plans..."

32 plans to cut the debt. Really.

"Members of the bipartisan debt committee have no fewer than 32 debt reduction plans at their disposal. All they have to do is call up a plan comparison table..."

Capital Gains and Games
Comparing 32 Deficit Reduction Plans While Trying To Lift The Gloom Over The Budget Talks

"The Committee for A Responsible Federal Budget has just posted a very handy side-by-side comparison of 32 deficit reduction plans. You can use this tool to compare any three at a time. This is Budget Wonk Heaven."

From the Twitterverse:

Donald Marron
Want to compare #budget plans? Try this nifty tool from @BudgetHawks: crfb.org/compare/index.…

#CRFB interactive fiscal plan comparison tool crfb.org/compare/index.… #budget

John Kamensky
Here's a handy Fiscal Plan Comparison Tool to explore the different debt cutting plans out there #fedcostcut http://bit.ly/kRhBBY

Jim Tankersley
CRFB's awesome new deficit-plan comparison tool: http://njour.nl/kkpI6Q #nerdalert

Josh Greenman
New tool for comparing 30 (!) different deficit reduction plans. Now to tackle deficit reduction plan reduction. crfb.org/compare/index.…FiscalFuture Fiscal Future

Fiscal Future
RT @budgethawks: CRFB Unveils Fiscal Plan Comparison Website!: http://bit.ly/mm1h2S

A good tool to compare all the debt plans now on the table. http://fb.me/12yW3KE5a

For those paying attn to the deficit talk, this site makes comparing all of the plans out there easy. http://fb.me/TCSoPRQl

Scott Bittle
Very useful from @BudgetHawks: side-by-side tool to compare #deficit plans bit.ly/jqPr4N

Mickey Jackson
#nerdalert: @BudgetHawks has a chart comparing ALL of the proposed deficit reduction plans: http://bit.ly/lOY6O4 Great resource.

George Harben
If you have trouble following the debt reduction plans, CRFB put out this helpful comparison. Printable version. http://bit.ly/l6MoSI

George Harben
If you want a database that you can customize and compare 30 separate debt reduction proposals, CRFB has that too. http://bit.ly/lOY6O4

Chris Dreibelbis
Attention #budget geeks: new interactive tool allows you to compare #debt reduction plans http://ow.ly/5kcN0.