task Optimizing Data Visualization Site


Performing a major code rewrite of NDTAC's Fast Facts as part of their annual data update. Previous versions relied heavily on MySQL data requests to render the site's Google Chart / Visualization API-based charts, as well as supporting data tables. With the new version, I've moved to loading the necessary dataset into an associative array (from MySQL) upon initial load, and then accessing that session stored array to create the line, pie, and bar graphs. This reduces the number of calls to the database tremendously--by as many as 10 calls per page--thereby improving the speed of the entire app. In addition, I was able to reduce the overall size of the app/website by nearly 700 lines (or 20%). Plus, future expansions of the website will be faster and easier as a result of a more modular code and data framework. The new version of Fast Facts will be released sometime in August 2013.