task WIC-CDC Community Data Reporting Portal Launched


For our client the National WIC Association (NWA), we developed a data reporting tool to help CDC community grantees throughout the country comply with monthly and quarterly Federal program reporting requirements. The portal allows authorized users (grantees) to submit detailed reports about their progress toward meeting program goals and objectives. 

We developed a custom user interface to improve upon an early version of the system NWA built using SquareSpace. Our interface provided both simplification of the previous reporting forms, as well as flexibility to allow for more manageable data entry when advanced or expanded data reporting needs presented themselves. For example, the user experience was optimized by hiding or displaying form elements based on user interactions; providing user initiated repeatable form elements; and pagination of longer forms into digestible sections. We also developed an auto-save feature so that users could work through the lenghty forms without concern of data loss and with the ability to leave and return to the forms as needed. Lastly, we provided administrators with a reporting interface so that they can export/download submitted data as needed.

Our modern technology stack for the portal included use of JavaScript (primarily AngularJS), PHP (CodeIgniter), AJAX and Twitter Bootstrap.